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Textify - About


textify is an open platform where anyone with a mobile phone can discover information, deals, entertainment and various other things that were earlier limited to internet. Like domain names of internet, a user has to SMS a keyword to a 10-digit number (80-0000-4202) for a specific application. These applications are created by an open community of programmers, business owners and individuals. could be one of the fastest ways to make content and services availale to millions of people. For now, because we have static replies only, for the developer and the user both, it takes hardly 5 minutes.


There are roughly 700 Million mobile subscribers in India. However, out of those 700 million, more than 600 million Indians (and 3 billion people worldwide) do NOT have access to a computer or mobile data plans (i.e. mobile internet). They have been missing out on important information/services that directly impact their lives, including government programs, job/career services, new health, education, market prices, and weather - information and services that are often found on the internet, but not accessible with simple feature phones... until now. With the help of textify, now anyone with a mobile phone can quickly access content on the internet through applications developed by people.

Also, we do NOT charge anything for this service. Because the number is a normal 10-digit mobile number, you don't have to pay any premium charge to access this service. Only standard SMS rates apply. (If you have subscribed to an SMS Pack with Free National SMS, the service is entirely FREE for you.)


Every service has a code. Type the code and SMS it to 80-0000-4202. Ex: To know more about us, SMS "textify" to 80-0000-4202.


This is developed by the young team of Amitech Business Solutions. To get in touch with us, send an email to

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